Forgotten Myths


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Forgotten Myths is a multiplayer collectable card game where you can face off against tons of rivals, both human and AI, using decks of cards.

Although you need to be connected to the Internet in order to play, in Forgotten Myths you can follow a one-player campaign where you play as part of one of the three factions available at the beginning of the game. And, of course, you can always access the battle arena to fight against players from around the world.

The combat system used in Forgotten Myths is very similar to others in the same genre, like Magic: the Gathering. Players need to play energy cards to later be able to use both creatures and spells. Creatures are placed in one of the spaces on the card table in such a way that if they are not facing an enemy creature, they will deliver direct damage to the opposing player.

Players can build their own decks by buying new cards with currency obtained from battles. And, if you want, you can buy packs of cards with real money, although that is completely optional.

Forgotten Myths is a free multiplayer card game that offers different playing modes, addictive gameplay, and thoughtfully-made graphics. It's a game that any fan of the genre should look into.
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